July 22, 2024
The Old Fire Station, Corrie Rd, Addlestone, Surrey, UK, KT15 2HS

From Icarus to Concorde…

Never before has such a definitive history of flight been available on video. Using rare archive footage, this feature length film takes you on a fascinating journey through time. From the pioneering Wright brothers, through the heroic record-breaking attempts of Lindburgh, Amy Johnson and Amelia Earheart, to the exhilarating feats of the real Top Guns and their state of the art aircraft. From helicopters to Zepplins, from Tiger Moths to Concorde, its all here: the smallest, the biggest, the fastest and even the simply bizarre.

This Film also traces the origins and beginning of flight and the greatest and most significant milestones in aviation, from the very first attempts by the Wright Brothers to the very latest supersonic aircraft designed and built. The History of Flight, presented by Hollywood actor, Richard Todd, looks back at an amazing century of inspirational people, daring moments and ground-breaking aircraft that helped make the world a lot smaller.Become a Subscriber to view this Video! or Rent Now.

What a comprehensive film. I worked a long time in the Air Transport Industry, witnessing many of the things shown, and now my Grand Daughters can see them as well. Well done well worth watching if you have any interest or curiosity in the machines in which we fly.