July 22, 2024
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The Holy Ghostbuster

In 1990, we interviewed a unique character, the Rev Joe Aelwyn Roberts. He had just written a book about his expriences entitled ‘The Holy Ghostbuster.

Rev Joe Aelwyn Roberts, became a well-known author and expert on the paranormal; and spent his life exploring the world of ghosts and spirits, with his experiences becoming the subject of his book The Holy Ghostbuster. The book became a must-read for anyone interested in the supernatural, and was a testament to Rev Roberts’ lifelong work.

Rev Roberts had a unique approach to the paranormal, often blending his traditional religious beliefs with his interest in ghosts and spirits. He believed that understanding the world of ghosts and spirits was an important part of understanding our place in the universe, and his book was a fascinating exploration of this world.

Despite his passing in 2018 at the age of 99, Rev Roberts’ work continued to inspire and fascinate people. The Holy Ghostbuster is a testament to his passion, his curiosity, and his unwavering dedication to the study of the paranormal. You can see the film about this unique man on our sister channel RODtv.